Junk Journals are for collecting

We love Junk Journals!  Seems no matter where we go, they call to us whenever we spot one. Collecting them is becoming an obsession. Each is as unique as its owner.

Whether you collect Mini junk journals or large ones, there is something about these we simply cannot resist.  These are designed to be used at home, traveling, at your desk, in your purse or even your pocket.  No two are alike, each has very unique characteristics and there is always one that beacons to us.  

So what is it, exactly, that draws us too them?  The unique look and feel? The hidden story they tell? Is it something deep within us that is stirred emotionally when we see one? Is it a connection of some sort to our past?  For each person the answer is so different, yet, we all love them and collect them.

Each is designed to be used. Some are just note pads, some are for the daily task list. Others, they are used to tell our stories, something special to be handed down to the next generation.  These are a starting point for our stories. We continue to add into our special junk journals, ticket stubs from a concert, plane tickets from a special trip, even family photos that we cherish along with maps from our travels. 

Some hold sketches, others have pressed flowers, bits of lace from an old gown, beads from a favorite necklace from years ago. Each Junk Journal holds pieces of our hearts, telling our story, sharing our special moments and memories.

There is no doubt that they stir our souls, tell our story and lead us on a journey to collect more!